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2015 Seminar with Grandmaster Leung Ting

Once again, we enjoyed a full week of instruction from Grandmaster Leung Ting of Hong Kong.
In addition to private instruction, he taught a two-day Instructors Seminar as well as a two-day General Seminar.

Many thanks again,


2014 Seminar with Grandmaster Leung Ting

Grandmaster Leung Ting visited the San Antonio Wing Tsun Academy to offer private instruction, a special Instructor tutorial, and a two-day general seminal. We are very appreciative of his continuing support of our school.

Best wishes to all.

-Sifu William Parker


General Seminar:



Advanced Tutorial:



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2013 GGM Leung Ting Seminar

Oct 12-13

Another great seminar with Grandmaster Leung Ting.

Special Congratulations to:

Rick Briones, Murphy Wilson, Jason Bolanz, Gary Torrence and John Brusstar on their promotion to 3rd level Technician.

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2012 GGM Leung Ting Seminar

Sept 20-28

It was another great week with Grandmaster Leung Ting. Sifu taught two five hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday. The focus this time for the technicians was on lat-sau (free fighting) and applying techniques contained in the Biu-Tze and Wooden Dummy forms. The student grades were taught Siu Nim Tau and Chum Kiu applications. In addition to the regular seminar and private lessons, Sifu taught a special session for technicians on Friday, which exclusively dealt with the concepts and applications of the Biu Sau technique.

All in all, everyone had a great time, and it was an extremely productive week!

Best wishes to all,






2012 Chicago Seminar

It was great to be with the Chicago group once again, and we had a very productive weekend. This time the focus on both days was on applying the techniques learned in chi-sau in the lat-sau exercises. I also showed them various drills to develop fluency and timing in broken-rhythm. Many thanks again to the Chicago participants, and best wishes, always.

-Sifu Will

Dallas Seminar

It was great to be with my student, Sifu Jason Bolanz and the Dallas WingTsun branch this past weekend.

I was very impressed with the progress JB and his group are making, and I offer a special congratulations to both Hawky Nguyen and Simon Azan for passing their 10th and 9th student grade tests!

The seminar focused on Chum Kiu applications particular to the knee and elbow range.

Jason Is a hardworking student and Sifu, who visits me monthly to take private lessons and to participate in my regular classes. It’s always a privilege to support and work with classy people like Jason. Best Wishes to all!

GGM Leung Ting 2011 Seminar

We were pleased to have Great Grandmaster Leung Ting give a two day seminar in San Antonio. It was great to see so many out of town students and instructors. GGM Leung Ting was in San Antonio a week prior and a week after the seminar; which opened many opportunities for private instruction and training.

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