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2017 San Antonio WingTsun Academy Technicians

2017 Technician Photo of San Antonio WingTsun Academy. 

Congratulations to our newest Second Level Technician!

We would like to congratulate Randall Patrick in his promotion to Second Level Technician! Special thanks to Sifu William Parker for all of his continued instruction and guidance. 

San Antonio Wing Tsun Academy

WingTsun Training 2016

2016 is looking great with phenomenal, fun and informative training already taking place!

WingTsun Wing Chun

Two recent promotions are George Turner(left) having successfully passed his Primary Level Technician exam, and Scott Warnberg(right) having successfully passed the Second Level Technician exam. A special thanks to Sifu William Parker(center) for his continued devoted instruction and guidance.

WingTsun Technicians

The highest quality of WingTsun (also spelled Wing Chun) available in the Alamo City! San Antonio WingTsun Academy has something for everyone. From a first time beginner to someone well on their way in the journey of martial arts, we make you feel right at home and begin to share a knowledge to promote you to grow in every aspect of your life.

Women in Wing Chun

And learn some really  mind blowing realistic self defense techniques!

Gary WingTsun Wing Chun

WingTsun Wing Chun Dragon

Randall Patrick WingTsun Wing Chun

Rick Stemm WingTsun Wing Chun

International Youth Fellowship Demo (DWT)

Read about Sifu Jason Bolanz, (Dallas, Texas) deminstration the Good News Corps and International Youth Fellowship.