San Antonio WingTsun™ Academy


WT (詠春) is short for WingTsun™ (pronounced “Wing Chun”), an ancient Chinese system of self-defense.

It was developed by a woman approximately 250 years ago and named after her first student, the girl “Yim Wing Tsun.” Her name means “beautiful springtime” or “eternal spring.”

The goal was to provide civilians in civil strife with a practical and effective, yet quickly learnable, self-defense method.

WingTsun™ is self-defense in its most uncompromising form.

WingTsun™ skills are built on the student’s present abilities. Muscle power and conditioning are not prerequisites for training. WingTsun™ teaches a readiness to “listen” to one’s body, to know one’s strengths, and to use them rigorously when required.

The power of WingTsun™ is to sharpen one’s perception in a well-coordinated manner.

When men and women learn WingTsun™, they develop a fresh, new awareness of their body and a heightened sense of confidence in all situations. This confidence, born of knowing one’s capabilities, is acquired through intensive, regular, professional instruction.

WingTsun™ improves the practitioner’s existing strengths and sharpens their powers of perception. Once known, one’s capabilities can be confidently put to use. Persons who learn WingTsun™ learn to know themselves. Wing Tsun never attacks – it is aggressive only in defense.

WingTsun™ is a method for inner growth and a way to a carefree, relaxed, and healthy lifestyle. At the center of WingTsun™ training stands a unique and variable technique which is learned through conscientious practice and purposeful engagement with a partner. The basic training process teaches specific techniques for relaxation and concentration. These instructions are complemented with special breathing techniques for “refueling” the body.

WingTsun™ merges body and mind into a new, powerful unit. Fluent motions and sudden explosive speed flow together in a systematic, coordinated, spontaneous sequence of movement. The study of WingTsun™ heightens physical and mental flexibility while improving awareness of self and environment.

WT grew out of the Taoist tradition in eastern thinking. In Chinese philosophy, “Tao,” means “The Way.” It signifies life’s eternal movement of growing, blooming, fading away, and never-ending renewal. To achieve unity with the Tao, one must become as the Tao: spontaneous, open, simple, and flexible – not hard and arrogant.

When using WingTsun™ in self-defense or applying its principles in everyday life, one becomes like a river flowing to the sea. Even if a mountain obstructs the river’s flow, it will not be stopped. It will reach its goal naturally, unavoidably, while overcoming all obstacles on the way.