San Antonio WingTsun™ Academy

Five Ranges of Fighting

In a real self-defense situation, the rules of fairness (which could alter the outcome of a fight) don’t exist! That’s why, in WT our training revolves around dealing with each of the five ranges using a consistent, logical strategy which enable us to adapt to the movements of the attacker. The 5 ranges are:

  1. Kicking range
  2. Punching range
  3. Knee and elbow range
  4. Grappling and throwing range
  5. Groundfighting


Since WingTsun™ “borrows the force of the opponent” and trains one to “adapt to the tactics of an opponent,” it is a highly effective method for personal defense. This is why so many practitioners of other martial arts systems turn to WT. In a WT-training session the punches, kicks etc…are all executed with soft-contact so that the risk of injury is kept to a minimum.