San Antonio WingTsun™ Academy

WingTsun™ Training Structure

Our training program is sub-divided into twelve student grades and twelve instructor levels. The focus for each of the student grades is summarized as follows:

Student Grades 1-4 : Fundamental Training

During the first four grades, students will learn how to kick, punch, step, turn, and defend themselves against the most common forms of attack (punches, kicks, holds, strangle holds).

Forms training begins with the “Siu Nim Tau” (translated as “Little Idea”) and students will learn both the form and application piece by piece. WingTsun™ emphasizes quickly learnable self-defense skills.

Student Grades 5-8: Tactile Reflex Development

Chi Sao (translated as “sticking hands”) is covered in detail during these student grades. Chi-sau is a reflex exercise which teaches the student how to use the opponent’s force against them with the least amount of effort. The fundamentals learned in the beginning student grades will now become more precise and fluid.

At this stage, the student will have learned how to deal with all five ranges of unarmed fighting.

Student Grades 9-12:

In these advanced student levels, the practitioner is exposed to higher levels of chi-sau training and will work to develop advanced fighting skills.

Techniques to deal with multiple attackers, armed attackers and also soft defenses (safe, controlling techniques) are taught during this phase.